Day 1 of FebSESSD (and of Contest EPIC).

Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod right now): Marital Sabotage by Hans Zimmer [Sherlock Holmes soundtrack].

Really guys? REALLY? 60 followers in 24 hours?! I am BLOWN away.

I honestly don't know what to do with myself. If you keep up this rate, I may have to start hocking body parts to get all these books to you. *goes off to hunt the couch cushions for loose change*

And we already have one winner! Elie @ Ellzreadz, oh wow fantastic-ness. Tell me if you want a poem or short story and what you want it to be about (these could get really interesting). :) She's also is over halfway there to her first book. Dang.

But NotNessie from Today's Adventure isn't far behind.

Or Lexie @ The Book Bug, or Chloe @ YA Booklover's Blog, or Raelena @ Throughthehaze Reads, or The Beverly @ The Wormhole, or Mariah @ A Reader's Adventure for that matter (I have to check the others. The numbers are climbing pretty fast).

And the best part of this is, I get to make new friends. That is so incredible. So, thank you.

And you also know what this means. 60 followers. Holllly cow. That is NINE books added to Uber Book Booty. NINE. In one day! You blew away my Fibonacci milestones! :D Once we pass 89 new followers, that is when I start adding swag. :)

Okay, and since today is Day 1 of my torture short story marathon, this is where things could get really interesting. I'm going to mark my day's progress as I go along (and I really hope I don't let you down by not completing my own challenge That would suck. Never give up! Never surrender!). I'm also going to give a prompt if you want to play along, and if the stories are short enough (because really, who wants to read a 10 page short story on the computer screen? Blech.) then I may/will post it here.

Since today marks the opening of the awesome Presenting Lenore's second Dystopian Month, why not write a short story inside a dystopia? Can't start the month much better than that. :)


NotNessie @ Today's Adventure said...

YAY! I'm excited that you're getting so many new followers! And I can't wait to start reading short stories, though I think you're a crazy person to attempt writing so many in one month...

Elie said...

Whoo-Hoo! But I did not achieve this one alone. How about a poem to all book bloggers. Some kind of ode to all the hard work we do reviewing and promoting the books we love.

Thank you, I am so excited!

Heather Zundel said...

NotNessie - I'm so excited too! And I think crazy describes much of my life. :)

Elie - Oh heck yeah! And I think I know just the thing... *grin*