Day 3 of FebSESSD (and of Contest EPIC)

Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod right now): Arise by E.S Posthumus.

So I've realized that giving updates every day for a month will be boring, so the scheduled programming will continue as usual, with updates of awesome as they come, of course. :)

Photo courtesy Shen Kung Fu Academy.

Guess what? Today is a BIG day! No, it's not my birthday, but it is almost just as good. It's Chinese New Year! *dances* I'm so happy I didn't miss it, because it changes every year and this year it's the year of the rabbit! You can't get much cuter than that.

So do something fun today. Eat Chinese. Wear red (it's a lucky color). The festivities usually go on for one-two weeks. It's like their Christmas. And for those of you who are new here *waves!* I do something really fun every Friday. I find a video clip that is somehow book related for all of us to enjoy. Because who doesn't like watching movies on a Friday? I'm going to try and find one to celebrate Chinese New Year. We'll see what I come up with. *rub hands together gleefully*

Oh! And we have two more people that have reached the first prize. Congratulations NotNessie and Chloe! Tell me if you want a short story or a poem, anything you want. Even about purple cows who drink grape soda ice cream floats. :)

Writing Prompt: Set a story in China or told from the perspective of something unique to Chinese mythology (if you haven't looked, that have some fascinating stuff. Why we didn't learn Asian myths alongside the Greek ones in school, I'll never know. This stuff is hardcore cool).


Chloe Booklover said...

Hey! So glad I reached 10 :)

I would love to hear a story about...
Eskimos and ice fishing :P
Or whatever you feel like writing about!


NotNessie @ Today's Adventure said...

YAY! I'm so excited. I think I would like a story that happens somewhere warm (it's freezing here), with elements of mystery and also a talking pelican.

NotNessie @ Today's Adventure said...

Or if that's too annoying, you could just write a story about someone singularly fantastic and name her Vanessa =o)

Heather Zundel said...

Chloe - You've got it! One eskimo and ice fishing story coming up! (I'm hoping my Monday). I still need to finish Ellz homage to all bloggers. :) But never fear, it will happen!

NotNessie - Oh my gosh. A talking pelican? I MUST TRY IT! I love a challenge, and add in mystery and warm (I don't blame you) and you've got me engaged. Tickle me intrigued. :D In my opinion, the weirder the better!

NotNessie @ Today's Adventure said...

"The weirder the better" is practically my motto! I should really stitch it on a cushion or something =o)