My Mini Adventure in Glass Making

Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod right now): Villa Under Attack by Jesper Kyd [Assassin's Creed Brotherhood soundtrack].

You guys were right! Both of you were. This was indeed a glass demonstration. It was incredible to watch. The first time I'd ever heard of glass blowing used in fiction before was The Glass Blower's Daughter and Maria V. Snyder's Glass series. I especially loved Maria's use of containing magic inside balls of blown glass. So when I had a chance to see a glass being shaped before my eyes, I was transfixed. My family, less so. They didn't appreciate me watching with my hands pressed against the glass like a child at a Christmas store window for who knows how long. Because the only part you didn't get right was the location.

Do you want to see the clue again?

And here it is.

That is Minnie skiing. Yes, I am in the happiest place on earth here, in a Mayan temple of all places (because when you think Mayan temple, you think of glass gift shop, right?). And it was indeed Christmastime, which made it even better.

This is me in front of one of my favorite rides there, the Aerosmith Rocki 'N' Roller Coaster, complete with fwhooshing hair. :) In my hand is the first Mickey ice cream of my life. Mickey ice cream = joy. And why yes, that is a piece of chocolate on my lip, because Mickey ice cream is that awesome. :)

But seriously, if I could get my hands on blowing/shaping glass myself instead of just watching, I may be in heaven. That flame had to be a thousand degrees.