Another New Idea Bouncing Around....

Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod right now): White Shadows by Coldplay.

I'm thinking of doing something new. Again, I will just warn you straight out of the gate that this is one of those "mulling" ideas that tend to bounce around my head like a bouncey-ball you can't catch, and is thus prone to becoming erratic and random. Like me. ^_^ I am not so good with the strict follow-through in all aspects of my life (which is why I will profusely apologize to any emails sent to me. If you haven't heard back from me yet, send it again. Your email is likely all ready to be sent but is in the draft folder and I've forgotten about it, or I read it and thought I replied. Cupcakes are owed to a great many people, I think).


This new idea popped into my head once I discovered I have an immense propensity for finding fan-creations/mashups of works (especially book related. See here, here, and here for just a few examples. Click on the first one for sure, it leads to a free downloadable song.) :)

Since I love it so much, I'm thinking of making it a semi-erratic feature on here. Again (let's put up the user license agreement thingy beforehand), I don't know how often it will be, or on what. Probably as I find them. And I may move them over to my other, currently completely unused blog right now, who knows? But I think this could be a lot of fun. And I'm realizing more and more that that is exactly what blogging is supposed to be about. Not about the numbers or the secret "advantages" you can gain, but just having a ball. So I am. Because I think this is seriously cool.

Here is the first example. Look! It's Star Wars meets Where the Wild Things Are! How cool is that?! :D

Only thing is, I don't know what to call it...


Christina Farley said...

Love Star Wars and Wild Things. Have fun with that new idea!

Anonymous said...

Great feature idea!

What about calling it something like "Fans and Fiction Collide"?