Beth Revis on Dystopian!

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This is a fantastic article on dystopian from across the pond (ha. They thought they could sneak it by me. Again I say "ha!"). In it, the amazing Beth Revis talks about why she thinks dystopian is so big right now and why it is, more than anything, a genre filled with hope. She says her thoughts so succinctly and with such a beautiful simplicity.

THE HUNGER GAMES isn't about a world that is so broken it's willing to send children to a battle arena. It's about a girl so fed up with it that she's willing to fight back. THE FOREST OF HANDS AND TEETH by Carrie Ryan isn't about a world destroyed by zombies. It's about a girl who can still see beauty and love in that world. And my own novel, ACROSS THE UNIVERSE, isn't about a society that wants to absorb the individuality of people to create a perfectly static society. It's about standing up and being yourself even when everyone else expects the opposite from you.

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Source: Guardian UK


beth said...

*blushes* Aw, thanks!

NotNessie @ Today's Adventure said...

Beautifully put. That must be why I like her book so much.

Thanks for the heads up!

Heather Zundel said...

Beth - You said it so well!

NotNessie - Just one of many reasons. :) You're welcome!