Patience and Fortitude Rock.

Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod right now): Astrid Goes For a Spin by John Powell [How To Train Your Dragon soundtrack].

Gah! This is driving me nuts! I thought I had found THE PERFECT video for this week's Feature Fun Friday. The. Perfect. I mean, it is the 100th anniversary of the New York Public Library this weekend and lo and behold! There was a video talking about LEGO LIONS of Patience and Fortitude the library commissioned. How cool is that?! But of course - no embedding option. Grrr......


I'm copying a screenshot above, and then you can click said sir linky here to get to the video. So ha. I defeated the system. Somewhat.

Because I'm sorry, but Patience and Fortitude are really cool (those are the names of the two lions, by the way. Trivia you can stump your friends on!). They are icons for heaven's sake! When I went to NY and we could only pick two sites each to see (so we could see all of them), guess which one I picked straight out of the gate? Yeah. They are so cool, it is even my profile pic for this blog.

*waits while you look in upper left-hand corner*

See? :) (I'm next to Fortitude)

Like I said, Patience and Fortitude Rock.