Feature Fun Friday - Warbreaker Cover Painting Demonstration

Current Theme Song (aka what's on my ipod right now): I Still Love You by Stuart Chatwood (Prince of Persia video game soundtrack).

I really like Brandon Sanderson's work. From what I've seen, he is among one of today's best fantasy writers. There are very few writers where I have believed so much in their world and characters as I have in his. I am absolutely in love with his Mistborn series. They are so good, they deserve the honor of being labeled in the YA section (you can tell I think very highly of YA, and guess what? So does he). :) So when I found out that his newest book, Warbreaker (a standalone) was coming out, I rushed out and gleefully (dancing around Barnes and Noble with no shame, mind you) bought it. And then I found this video. Oh. my. goodness. Have you ever wanted to see how a cover for a book was made? The painter, Dan Dos Santos, has done a time-lapse of how he painted the cover for Warbreaker, and let me tell you, it is an absolutely gorgeous cover. I know that not all book covers are made this way (I found out some are even just stock photos. That made me cry inside a little). But that makes this all the more special. You will be astounded what he is able to do with this. Purple for a face? It really works. And is it simply incredible. Have a great weekend everyone!


Unknown said...

New goal in life: to have an oil painting done of my book cover.