The Few, the Proud, and the Hardcore of Fairy Retellings - Part 2

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You guys are awesome. I can't believe the response I got after less than 24 hours. You are incredible. And I can't believe I forgot so many! Okay, quick catch up:

Gail Carson Levine - how could I forget her? Ella Enchanted was my favorite book in elementary (and trust me, it still ranks pretty high). That is the only book that I've actually forgotten how many times I've reread it. I stopped counting at 37 (no, I'm not joking). She also has a series of great little stories directed at a younger audience, but still very good. Her retelling of Snow White in Fairest was very cool, and I actually really like the audio book version of it too. I still can't believe I forgot her. A thousand humble apologies.

Gregory Macguire is another one I'm still just shaking my head at. He's done several retellings, one of which was turned into a Broadway musical. You may have heard of it. A little known one called "Wicked." I sadly have not read any of his books, but I don't know which is more shameful, so I'm going to be sneaking off to my library right after this *shuffles away*

There are lots of others who have done retellings, but not as the predominant part of their work. People like Mercedes Lackey, Patricia McKillip, Margaret Peterson Haddix. I would highly suggest looking at Sur La Lune Fairy Tales if you have a further itch. Just click on your favorite fairy tale then click the link "Modern Interpretations" and viola! All the fairy tales you can handle. They are an absolutely amazing reference (there's a reason it is a permanent link on my sidebar). ;)

One cool fairy tale that I have to point out in assembling this post is called The Stepsister Scheme by Jim C. Hines who apparently is going back to the "darker themes" of the originals. He has a couple, including one called The Mermaid's Madness (Little Mermaid anyone?) that I am really wanting to check out now. Just in case you had never heard of him either. :)

Hey! - my "theme song" today fits pretty well for today's post. Rock on.

[Edit]: I forgot to mention Mette Ivie Harrison who has done several stories based on and inspired by fairy tales. Many thanks to all the commentators without whom this list would not have been made.


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