Jordan Mechner on WriterGirl?!

Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod right now): Time Only Knows by Stuart Chatwood (Prince of Persia video game soundtrack)

Oh my GOODNESS!!! I glanced at my followers today and saw I had gone up to 35 (made me terribly happy. Did a little dance and everything). Then I decided to go over and say hello and see who had found my little blog. It’s only good manners, after all. So I was holding my little cursor over each of my new friends when a name flashed up: Jordan Mechner. I stopped. My heart did a little flip flop. My thoughts went “either that is a very strange name coincidence or…” I clicked on it. I was right. It was THE Jordan Mechner, writer of the Prince of Persia video game franchise!

How did he know? Can he possibly know that I love Prince of Persia with every fiber of my being? How did he even know I existed? Let me tell you – I love Prince of Persia. I cannot tell you how much, especially The Sands of Time (and The Two Thrones). All-time favorite game. No exaggeration. And now he’s a follower of my blog. I may die and go to heaven right now. The game was impeccable, the concept brilliant, the bantering dialogue between the hero and heroine priceless. And he made such believable characters of the prince and Farah that I fell in love with them both. Loved it. So in love with it. I will even admit, I once even harbored the fangirl notion of writing a novelization for The Sands of Time. Far-fetched and basically impossible I know, but it was the first time I ever considered something like that (the little girl inside of me still wishes for it). That’s how much I am in love with this game, and consequently, the writer. Put another way, I’m the kind of girl who knew there was going to be a movie made of The Sands of Time three years ago, when it was first announced (and that it will star Jake Gyllenhaal. That’s just cool).

I don’t know how he found my blog, but if he ever told me, I may swoon and die of happiness (you can take that as a cue anytime, dear Mr. Mechner) :D I do apologize, but I needed to share my moment of pure rapture at finding one of my writing/video game idols in a place I would never ever expect. Thank you Mr. Mechner for all your wonderful work. I’ll stop screaming now.


Unknown said...

How did I miss this game before? I've picked it up a dozen times, I've been told about it by friends...and for some reason I never got it.

Well, I'm going to get it next time I'm at GameStop now!!

Robyn Campbell said...

I found you through my writing pardner Beth. Great job on the song. :)

Elana Johnson said...

I ADORE Prince of Persia! My husband played it through from beginning to end in like two days. I'm a video game freak! Coolness! And I'm about to be your 39th follower... Yay!

Heather Zundel said...

Robyn - hey, I've heard a lot about you. I like your blog btw. And thank you, I'm just glad Beth liked it so much.

ElanaJ - yay, another Prince of Persia fan! And I'm lovin' you're 39th follower status. :)