About a contest and a string of unusual events

Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod right now): O Holy Night by Aled Jones (yes yes, I'm still listening to Christmas music. I'm binging). :)

Someone has raised a concern to me about the Once upon a time contest. There seems to be something unusual going on with the voting. If you have voted (and if you haven't, I totally think you should, nudge nudge), you will see that one particular choice is winning by a landslide. A very big landslide. I have checked the parameters of the voting system, and it is indeed accurately recording the choice you pick. So my conclusion is - this entrant has a lot of friends. Since the system is working properly, there is nothing I can do because I gave this contest over to you.

Go gather all your friends, family members, puppies, and voodoo dolls and tell them to vote for the one you think should win. You still have three days. This landslide does take some of the anticipation away, so I say, put it back in your court. It's all in your hands. Go out and have fun with it. Facebook, Twitter, bribe your neighbors with cookies, all those effective networking techniques you know (I'm particuarlly fond of the last one myself). You still have plenty of time. The "unnamed one" ;) received over 4/5 of their votes in a single day. You can do it! Go forth, and remember to have fun with it. This contest was only supposed to be fun. :)


Kate said...

Crap. I knew I shouldn't have drowned my voodoo dolls... :D