Blogging 101 - posts, I mean.

Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod right now) Over My Head by The Fray.

To celebrate my 100 posts and my first 50 followers, I am doing something exciting. I am going to be commenting on all of YOUR blogs. That is for you guys rocking so much.

I was hoping the two events would coincide, since I couldn't decide which one to do it on. But then my 50 had to spike to 53 (you sneaky little things). You thought to ruin my master plan, did ya? Well, I'm just going to include you, so there.

So to celebrate, I am going to be doing a live post of sorts - of my progress posting on each of your blogs. That's right, I am going to visit each and every one of your blogs and make a comment on one of your posts. I'm not even going to tell you how nervous I am to go comment on Jordan Mechner's blog (for those of you who missed my squeal-fest, here is why Jordan Mechner is a video game writing god).

So let the countdown begin! (and my "opening" Theme Song is seeming just a little too appropriate right now)...

Let's start the clock:



1:45 - Wow, that's convenient. Okay, looking up first follower now. bball11kt you are mine.

1:46 - Okay, apparently you don't have a blog to comment on. Onto the next one! (But know you are still loved nonetheless).

1:50 - Technical difficulties underway. I can't seem to click to people who I know have blogs. Where's my ratchet?...

1:54 - Okay! First success!!! Thank you PJ! Okay, Those faceless icon followers, never fear! I WILL get back to you. *Wooosh into the sunset*

1:57 - 2 down! Umm... 51... to go? Gulp.

1:58 - Note: calimili is one of the coolest verification words I've typed yet. It's like mississippi. Sort of.

2:03 - First row done! Oh, that's only four. Oh wow. Maybe that theme song was foreshadowing something.

2:04 - No! I am the little engine that could! Bring it on!

2:05 - Alas. Another one with no blog. Love ya Kayla!

2:09 - You learn something new everyday. Apparently Meg Cabot's Princess Diary series was inspired from a (really old) book called A Royal Pain? Is it bad to admit that I know that book? That I've READ it? Wow... Onwards!

2:10 - I send MJ love!

2:13 - I just discovered another aspiring writer. Woo woot. And she is pretty hilarious, if I do say so myself.

2:20 - Rediscovered Liyana's blog. Forgot it wasn't in my subscriptions. Problem remedied. (and doesn't 'multis' almost seem like a real word?)

2:28 - NotNessie has an absolutely GORGEOUS header that I've never seen before, because like a fool, I've never commented on it before. Wow.

2:29 - Coldplay's Clocks live rocks. Just saying.

2:34 - Gah!!! Only Hope by Switchfoot JUST came on Pandora (from A Walk to Remember). Can I tell you how much I love this song? I wish I could blare it for you right now.

2:37 - Delectable cake of amazing bookie goodness right here.

2:38 - Oooh, Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls just came on. I am on a roll. (oh and tidbit: this song is an significant inspiration for my own novel).

2:44 - One of my followers wants to go into film. And she's writing a children's novel to boot. That is cool and intense. I'm really like this, getting to know everyone who is following me.

2:51 - Did you know people make fan covers of books? That is just cool. I'm trying really hard to not add that to my list of things to learn.

2:57 - Another aspiring author! Too cool. And Frankie Diane? You have an awesome name.

2:59 - What do you supposed an "emoth" is? A digital cousin to the ebutterfly?

3:00 - Wow. I'm fading a bit. I need me a pick-me-up. Viva la Vida here I come!!!

3:05 - The Dream Reader. Isn't that a cool name for a blog? Crap, I was going to listen to Coldplay. Hang on, grrr.

3:06 - Oh wow, that feels so much better. I am coming to life again. I haven't gotten tired of this song yet. I may just listen to it again.

3:09 - Yep, definitely listening to again.

3:10 - Click. ^_^

3:10 - Oh, that's sad. Two people in a row without blogs I can find. Loves!

3:11 - EEEP!!!!!!! Jordan Mechner is next. Pray for me.

3:11 - No really, pray for me.

3:12 - I've got Viva la Vida in the background. I can do this. Be brave Heather, be brave. Gulp.

3:14 - Oh my gosh, I can't do this. Coldplay may need to be on perma-repeat for a while. He's just written about a unfinished screenplay he did at the time he was doing Prince of Persia. So cool!

3:16 - Coldplay just got repeated.

3:17 - Okay, this is silly. I can do this. I'm a superhero for heaven's sake! I'm WriterGirl! I'm going in.

3:18 - I did it! I rock. And roll. But it didn't show up, so I'm not sure if it actually went through... I'll keep you updated...

3:23 - Two more aspiring novelists. In a row. Cool.

3:25 - Someone else is on a book-buying freeze like me! Oh that pain. I know how you feel.

3:26 - Hey! Another song that is book-inspired just came on. I can't tell you which one it is though. That is top top secret.

3:33 - Loves to Kristen! Only twelve-ish more to go. I think I can I think I can I think I.....

3:41 - Maybe I should have a mascot too...

3:42 - YES! Beautiful Day by U2 just came. Life is good. Very very good.

3:43 Love to Korianne and adriennelizbth08.

3:44 - And Yan. Man, I'm having bad luck.

3:45 - And blair wlewis. Who wants to go five for five?

3:46 - Yep. Five for five. Anyone for six? Or has my internet just broken?...

3:46 - Nope! Genevieve is alive and kicking. Now onto comment...

3:49 - And were back to the love send-outs. Hey Erica and eliang8 and rkgcc!

3:51 - Another writer! Hee hee. Methinks she found me from Shannon Hale's blog. :)

3:52 - Just got 'cometer' for a word verification. A little close to comenter? Okay, fine, that is spelled wrong too, but my brain is going into strange places right now. Look! Butterflies... ;)

3:56 - I just got back to the beginning! Now to see if those iconless ones have blogs. I'm ALMOST there. Bu ya baby!

3:58 - Okay, bigtime loves to Luvdaylillies, Laura, Djpdancer, and a mysterious no-name (I didn't know you could do that)...

3:59 - I'm DONE. Piece of cake. *collapses*

Thank you everyone for following and reading. It wouldn't be the same without you.

Ending Theme Song (it rocks, and I didn't even cheat): Little Wonders by Rob Thomas [from Meet the Robinsons]

P.S Jordan Mechner totally got his comment. :)


Unknown said...

LOL! You're hilarious!

And...freakish...but Switchfoot's Only Hope came on my iTunes while reading this...

PJ Hoover said...

What a fun idea, Heather! You've got to be one of the most creative people I know!

Jazz said...

Woo! Coldplay!

Korianne said...

Thanks for the love! I might do this for my blogoversary, but my god it's going to take me forever with my 180 followers! Yikes!

Kate said...

You can rest now :L

Heather Zundel said...

Beth - You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Behind this door is another dimension. You're moving into a land of both shadow and substance. You've entered... THE HEATHER ZONE. :D

PJ - I think I stole this from Beth actually. But she was doing live blogging on revisions. I was laughing so hard I knew I had to do it sometime too.

Korianne - No problem! When is your blogoversary? I'll be watching to see if you do it. :) (Biggest suggestion - chocolate and a whole lot of your favorite music. a WHOLE lot). Good luck soldier. *salute*

Kate - Thank you. My brain still twinges a little, but it's getting better. :)