A new member of the superhero force.

Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod right now): Video Killed the Radio Star by Amber Pacific [remix].

I have made another giant leap in super-hero-dom. WriterGirl now can fight the evils of the world in style. Yes! I finally have a car of my very own after a year without (there have been tears, let me tell you). My beautiful first car, a complete clunker and the perfect college car in my opinion finally could not pass emissions anymore, and so I had to give him up (there were very real tears there. I loved my little faded red hatchback like no other). But he went to a good home, and now he is running again. I even see him in the neighborhood sometimes. He even has a CD player in him now, which he certainly never had with me. I'm glad he is there. I really couldn't bear the thought of him in a junkyard.

And being in a small college town, I could walk to mile or so to the grocery store and back without too much problem (or bum rides with very nice friends). And in DC, well, the metro is awesome. So I got by pretty fine, but now as I am back home in a much bigger city with a less awesome public transportation system, I needed a car. So began the four month scouring search for a (running) vehicle worthy of WriterGirl. And I found one. Boy did I find one. Batman, Wonderwoman, you've got nothing on this (and Spiderman, I have yet to have a genetic mutation, so you don't even count).

Isn't he beautiful? It's a 2002 Saturn, manual (I'm in heaven to drive a manual again). It's got a CD player, it's got four doors (that's new), and it has AIR CONDITIONING. Nothing against my gorgeous baby, but summers are not temperate here (desert, remember), and cold air feels so nice.

And guess what? I paid for him in full. I am so happy. I've never bought anything this big before, and you can tell I'm a little more than ecstatic about it. He's a salvage title, but hey I figure, all the best superhero vehicles have to be in at least one wreck, right? Where would the batmobile be without all those explosions? Not cool, that's where. It gives them character. So rock on, I'm now a part of a team now! We're going to be close buds, I can already tell.


PJ Hoover said...

He is a beauty! Love him!

Unknown said...

What will you name him? (I'm one of those weirdos who always named cars. My current one is named Beitelguese).

Heather Zundel said...

PJ - Oh I will. There has been much hugs and kisses already.

Beth - I don't know. I'm thinking something Japanese (my current book has an Asian twist, so those are the names filling my head). I'll keep you updated, no worries! (I love the name of your car, btw).

Kate said...

I was actually wondering about the name of our new car!

Heather Zundel said...

Cars do need names, don't they?