Book Blogger Appreciation Week nominations still accepted

Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod right now): Separate Ways by Journey.

I'm sure most of you are aware of BBAW (how would you say that out loud, I wonder?) and it is certainly something worthy of its fame. I watched all the proceedings last year as an eager lurker, but this year, with the advent of my new blog, I am eligible to be a part of the proceedings. This is a scary prospect and makes me want to flip through all my posts to see just what the heck I've written that has earned me 51 followers already. I'm still stunned by that. I keep glancing over to my sidebar to see if it is really true.

This is not a plea or self-declaration that you should nominate me (though that certainly would be quite a treat). I'm here as a happy "two-day-left" reminder to nominate those blogs that you've come to love and would not know what you to do without them. I've been simmering through a few and am about to head over there myself. Here are some of my favorite categories that just make me smile:

Biggest Giveaways
Most Eclectic Taste (I love that word).
Most Concise
Most Chatty
Best Name for a Blog *glances up at mine*
Best Writing (scary prospect)
Most Altruistic
Best Blog Post
And of course - Best New Blog

If you haven't voted, please do. I found some of my favorite blogs through last year's nominations. If you have a secret gem you know about, please share it with us.


Anonymous said...

I voted for you in a couple of categories

Heather Zundel said...

Oh, thank you elaing8. That is enough for me then. The finalist should be announced soon, I think.

Kate said...

I still need to vote!