Feature Fun Friday - Books into Theater = Awesome.

Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod right now): We'll Meet Along the Way by Hem.

I am a lover of many things. One of those things is translations of books. Love em'. Old translations, new translations, red ones, pink ones, translations across different languages. I love them all, but not only the traditional sense. One of coolest things for me is seeing books cross into other mediums. This is most obviously seen in books-to-movies. (Did you know that over 1,250 movies have been released in the US that were based off of books, since 1980 alone? Dang. That's over 62 films a year).

But it's really not just limited to movies (though don't get me wrong. Seeing my story come to life with flesh-and-blood people would be just about the coolest thing ever). Fanart continues to astound me. Just how a reader can pluck something from their head and turn it into a visual representation. That is seriously amazing.

Fanfiction, musical compositions, costumes based on your characters, the list goes on and on. I love it all. But one I hadn't considered at first took me by surprise (it shouldn't have). It was theatrical productions. I love the theater. I go to it all the time. I've even taken an acting class, just so I could get in my characters heads better (and plus it looked really really fun and supercool). It just never occurred to me that plays were done from books, not modern ones at least. But that isn't true. An adaptation of Gossamer by Lois Lowry was done recently, as well as a musical of her Gathering Blue. And now to join the ranks is Little Brother by Cory Doctorow. You may have heard of the book. Or not. I've read it and found it to be very interesting. But if you haven't, this clip gives a pretty good introduction.

It was put on by the Griffin Theatre Company in Chicago. I don't know, something about the theater makes it seem even cooler than a movie, because it is living people, done in real time. It gives me chills. So here is a clip, and a desperate hope that one day, if my book ever gets published, I can sit down in a playhouse and watch my story come to life on stage, for real.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone! Go have an adventure of your own.


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Interesting clip.