Lions and Tigers and... Camels? Oh my.

Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod right now): The Middle by Jimmy Eat World.

You really don't have to travel far to find your own adventure. I keep finding that out over and over again. Like when I am driving through my neighborhood on a routine store run, I drive nonchalantly past a house and do a double take. Was that really a camel I just saw? Just standing on a front lawn? In my neighborhood? Why yes Heather. Yes it was.

I was already on my errand, but I pushed my car and myself as fast as was legally allowed. Hey - I really didn't want that camel to go away before I got back. It was already getting dark and I was afraid it was going to disappear with the sun or something. Camels are not natural in suburbia, even if you do happen to live in a desert.

But he was still there when I got back. And apparently I wasn't the only one attracted by the strange sight. Neighbors were emerging from all their hidey-holes and pausing on their evening walks. We all gathered round to see the baby camel.

It was only three and half months old, and a friend of this particular neighbor apparently raises these (and other) extotic animals. I got to pet him. He was so soft and gentle, and I loved looking into his soft, rich eyes. I wanted to take him home with me. (But that little guy really did like to go to the bathroom. I managed to avoid both spurts during the time I was there. It's all my superskills as WriterGirl). :) Even his back hump was incredibly thick and soft. It was an experience I couldn't have begged more for. He was such a sweetie.

Cosmo (my little camel friend) kept looking for his owner like he was his mother. It was really touching. He really didn't like being apart from him. Hey, this ties into my review so nicely with the middle east. I didn't even think of that until now. And it was so fun to see the neighbors coming out and smiling, laughing, and talking around this unusual but oddly beautiful sight.

Maybe all you need to bring a neighborhood together is a baby camel on your front lawn.


PJ Hoover said...

How very cool!

Jazz said...

He's so cute! I once saw a llama wearing a vest on the front lawn of a college's Alumni house, but I was on a bus so I couldn't stop.

Heather Zundel said...

I thought he was adorable. Jazz, did you get a picture of him at least?

Kate said...

Awww. A baby camel.