Me making a fool of myself for you

Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod right now): Separate Ways by Journey.

Over the weekend I reached 100 subscribers! Woot! *dances*

So I had this brilliant (or mildly insane, you pick) idea. Every time I reach a benchmark in subscribers/followers I will do something megacool.

Get this.

I will... invent a recipe for a book of your choosing.

Okay, that may not sound like much, but I am actually quite an accomplished cook... chef... person. Not only did I start cooking at age six (by myself. Unsupervised. I'm not kidding), I was inventing recipes less than a year later (some were terrible. Banana cookies anyone?), but I have also taken two year of professional cooking classes, meant to segue into top cooking schools. I was really considering becoming a chef before I decided to pursue other deep loves of mine. So I'm not entirely a novice at this (though I haven't done this in quite a while, so hilarity at my expense very well could ensue).

So you want to see something Katniss might have eaten in the Seam? Or how about the Capital? A recipe based on the world of Narnia? It's up to you. Fun, right? It's supposed to be. And now the only question is - do I make a video of it? (Yikes! I can't believe I just said that!)

I'm only leaving this poll up for two days so I can get cracking on a recipe. If I can, I'm going to try and unveil it for my 200th post. Remember, I'm gonna have to test this a couple of times to make sure it is good. So this won't necessarily be a cheap venture either. However, I think it will be a really fun way to celebrate with all of my friends, both old and new on here. What do you think? Is this an idea you could get used to? Me making a fool of myself for you?

Onto the book choices!

The Hunger Games/Catching Fire
The Chronicles of Narnia
Poison Study
Eon: Dragoneye Reborn

(And now I'm really just hoping you all just happened to glaze over that comment about me making a video, you know, with me in it. Like, in person).


Shannon Messenger said...

Okay, I voted for the Hunger Games because, well, Hunger is in the title, and you already have a Katniss costume and BECAUSE YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST MAKE A COOKING VLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (And really, what were you thinking typing that sentence with me and Frankie as your followers. Have you learned NOTHING?!?!?!?!)

Vlog! Vlog! Vlog! Vlog!

*chanting gets louder*


(Wow, I really am evil, aren't I? But you threw the idea out there, so it's really all your fault. *giggles*)

Anyone else agree with me? You know you do!

*runs away with flailing muppet arms!*

Shannon O'Donnell said...

This is a fabulous and original idea - I love it! I voted for the Hunger Games too. :-)

Sara McClung ♥ said...

I'm a third vote for hunger games :-) And I agree with Shannon M. VLOG!!!!!!!

Juju at Tales of said...

Ooooooo I LOVE this idea! Bravo darling! Incredibly creative!

Simon C. Larter said...

I've only read The Chronicles of Narnia, so that had to be it. But now I'm wondering what a Katniss costume looks like. (Thanks, Shannon!)

Either way, it should be fun!

Laura Fielding said...

I'm voting for Chronicles of Narnia because I haven't read the Hunger Games yet. (Still need to find where my parents put all of my stuff from this summer, ergh.) Either way, I can't wait to see whatever recipe you come up with!

Heather said...

I agree with Shannon and Sara...a vlog is NEEDED. How else will I know the precise size to chop the (insert weird vegetable that you're probably going to make me buy here)? I too voted for the Hunger Games/Catching Fire, because they eat so many crazy things on the train, and then when they go to that banquet in the second'll have plenty of inspiration to come up with something weird.


Frankie Diane Mallis said...

Yes! This is going to be AWESOME and I cannot wait to see you vlog!!!

Charlotte (The Book on the Hill) said...

Yay ! To Vlog or not to Vlog, that is the question. Well, I shall say : VLOG ! Definitely ! Can't wait to see it AND try your recipe. Awesome idea.

Heather Zundel said...

Shannon - you can be really scary, you know that? Methinks I can hear your chanting from HERE. I love your Muppet arms by the way. :)

Shannon - It's not THAT original I don't think. Natasha from Maw Books Blog does something with recipes too, though I'm not sure if she invents them. She may just ask the author for a recipe. I'll have to check up on that.

Sara - everyone wants to see me really humiliated, don't they? :)

Juju - Thank you! You just gave me a ton of confidence. :)

Simon - you have to read The Hunger Games. It is so good. Lots of fighting, you may like for that. :)

Laura - that goes for you too. I hope you like the recipe.

Heather - I was thinking of using a leek just for you. And guess what, you got a crock pot recipe after all. :)

Frankie - I'm going to have to come up with a vegan recipe sometime, just for you.

Charlotte - Yipes! Everyone is against me. And thank you for the vote of confidence.