Nerd Spasm of JOY - New Sherlock Holmes ROCKS MY WORLD!

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I *know* we just had Feature Fun Friday, like, two days ago, but this is so truly awesome that I must share. I love Sherlock Holmes. I love him and his stories with a passion that I cannot describe. I read the 1300 page monstrosity (um, it seemed like that at least. I'll have to go back and check. It made an excellent door stop) when I was thirteen. For fun. Because I wanted to. Yes, I'm weird. But I fell in love with this mind-machine of a detective who could deduce the most accurate conclusions from the smallest observations. I loved Watson (who was not dumb OR fat, people!) and I *loved* how Sherlock really cared for Watson even though he did not often show it, but when he did... watch out.

So it was with more than a little elation that I found out Masterpiece Mystery was doing a series on Sherlock - set in modern times. Sherlock texts. Watson writes a blog instead of in his notebooks. But the same characters and magic and wit is all there. I LOVE it. There was dancing in my living room. There may have been squee.

Here is a trailer. The DVD comes out tomorrow (also in blu-ray).

But you can stream it online for the next couple of weeks ONLY. So get on it. It's three, hour and half hours of uninterrupted, commercial free, I'm-made-of-amazing entertainment.* And after that, you can have a playground of the real-life versions of Watson's blog and Sherlock's website. I am a Sherlock Holmes nut and I have no problems admitting it. It is like having a love affair with chocolate and then finding the secret stash of leftover Halloween candy. It makes me have this face: ^_^ Hopefully all this will tide me over for the next year until the new series comes out. ...Why does this feel like Catching Fire/Mockingjay all over again?

*And Watson is going to be Bilbo in the upcoming Hobbit. So if you needed ANY more convincing, there you go.


Cellophane Queen said...

I've been watching for three or four weeks now. Must have caught the first, since it's the one where Watson comes into the picture.

They're showing on my PBS station on Sunday nights.

Okie said...

I really need to get on the ball and watch these before they go away. What I've seen, I've really liked.

I'm totally bummed there are only 3 episodes. And I love PBS, but it makes me sad that they charge so much for their products...maybe the price will come down...maybe they'll make more episodes...maybe, maybe, maybe.

Heather Zundel said...

Marva - Yes, you did catch the first episode. But luckily another set is coming next year!

Okie - I feel the same way. I keep debating. I loved this update so much.