Of sidewalk chalk and snow

Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod right now): Rafter by Tulsa.

Since only ONE person replied about what my video should be about (thank you, Beth. You rock), it seems the voting has been unanimous. :) So I will be making a video

of a time lapse chalk art of a book cover.

Actually, I'm super excited about it.

No, really.

That idea just came to my head and after I thought that, I thought "wow, that was an awesome thought." (yes, that was supposed to make sense).

But the big question for me was which book to do? So many are these amazing photographs whose covers I do not want to desecrate with my horrible lack of mad chalk-drawing skillz. (Did I mention that I've never done this before?) So, alas, most of those are an automatic out. I need to dip my toes in gently so I won't be scared off from ever doing this again.

I wanted to do The Hunger Games, but

1). It's too simple.
2). I don't know where to find black sidewalk chalk.
3). I don't want to be a too obsessive fangirl about the series. :)

So, I was perusing amazon, trying to find a non-photograph cover that had a predominant pastel-colored theme (I'm seriously going to have to do my research to figure out where these guys get their chalk)

But then it hit me. It was so stinkin' obvious.

Not only is it an fantastic cover, I've heard the book itself is amazing (no, I haven't read it yet. Don't lynch me!) *runs and hides*

So yes. Hopefully soon I will be able to put this all together into a video of awesomeness for you. Oh, and just to show you I wasn't lying, here is a picture from last week.

So yes, it does indeed snow here in the middle of glorious spring weather. The latest I remember it snowing was in June. Granted it melted by midday, but still, it snowed, in June. I told you winter here lasted five-six months. Then of course, we are bombarded with temperatures in the triple digits through August. Kinda changes your whole perspective of a desert, eh? :)


Shannon O'Donnell said...

Fun! I can't wait to see how it turns out! :-)

Unknown said...

Ooo, I was going to suggest INSIDE OUT (since you could make it look like the girl was busting out of the sidewalk), but I *do* like IF I STAY. Especially because it really is an awesome book--very beautifully written.

And if I had known I had so much power, I would have come up with something much more evil to make you do!!! :)

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

Best wishes with it and I'm looking forward to seeing it. :)

Charmaine Clancy said...

I love sidewalk chalk art - always reminds me of trips into the city :-)

lisa and laura said...

Those t-shirts are awesome! Love.

Oh, someday we're going to beg you to do a sidewalk chalk drawing of our book cover! Well, once we actually have a book cover anyways.

Heather Zundel said...

Shannon - Thanks! You definitely will see it, that's for sure. No matter how it turns out. *shudder*

Beth - Inside Out would be AWESOME, but definitely not for a first try. I'll keep that in mind though.

And you don't have that kind of power, really. *does Jedi mind trick*

Sharon - Thanks. And I'm gonna need it.

Charmine - Well, I hope you like this one. I'm not promising anything, other than I'm going to give it my best.

Lisa and Laura - Thanks! And I would love to do a sidewalk chalk of yours. We'll see how bad my mad skillz are after this. :)