Adventures in DEATH!

Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod right now): Ordinary Day by Vanessa Carlton.

Hahaha, okay, that sounded a lot scarier than it needed to. And it is true I was around a whole lotta dead things. They're just... 65 million years old kind of dead.

And great job on the guessing, Katie! You were right on the head, just a different rose (enter Shakespeare reference). It is called The Museum of Ancient Life, and it houses the largest collection of mounted dinosaurs in the world. It. Is. Amazing. Even better? They are displayed in lifelike positions and many you can walk right up to and touch. Yes, the actual fossils. (You even have to walk under a Brachiosaurus at one point to get to the next room. It is the coolest thing ever. And the ambiance is great. They have background sounds and murals that help immerse and make you feel like you are really there? Now onto the best part! :D

*cue the pictures!*

Cool little non-moving Pirates of the Carribbean statues show what being an archeologist is really like (sorry Indiana, so whip and cool hat here). You even get to go inside a mock up of what their housing is like. Very spiffy indeed. (They also have a star tunnel to help you "travel back in time" that TOTALLY made me think of Across the Universe). :)

Aren't the humans so cute? :)

Look! It's a real, live paleontologist! Yes, they have an actual paleontology lab inside the museum itself, and you can pay a little more and go inside and get a hands-on experience unlike any other. Lucky girl. *pouts*

FULGARITES!!! I <3 these hardcore. This is what happens when lightning strikes sand. It becomes hard, hollowed-out tube and completely touchable. It's fossilized lightning! (I have one) :)

Big, angry fish (it's called a Lepidotes Maximus). Any fish called Maximus is cool in my book.

It's so cute! I want one!!!

Now we're onto the big boys. :)

Our dinosaur claim to fame is making the REAL terror of Jurassic park true. Utahraptor FTW, baby!


These are so cute. I want one too. I'm pretty sure they're plant eaters...

Oh My Gosh! They made Bambi into a lethal flesh-eating terror!

Why hello, Lord T-Rex.

Eremotherium. Seriously, look it up. These things were vegetarians!?

Beaver Sloth of DOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!

Poor Mammoth. :'( You can beat them! You're strong and powerful! Go Mammoth!!!

I am so macabre. :)

And holy-wow-goodness-of-I-want! You can sleep over inside the museum! How cool is that!?!! *dies of nerdy happiness*


Katie said...

I would totally want to sleep over, too! That's super cool! Then you could say you spent the night with dinosaurs :)