Feature Fun Friday - It's Almost Here!!! :D

Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod): Test Drive by John Powell [How To Train Your Dragon soundtrack].

Final thoughts on the Cybils coming up, but first look at this! Lookitlookitlookit!!! This counts for Feature Fun Friday and squeeing joy and rapture all in one. Beth Revis, who is as wonderful and sweet and awesome as they come, has her debut book coming out. And it is no small thing. Some people are calling it the next Hunger Games. A dangerous comparison and not quite a fair since they have elements that are the similar, but at the same time, are so so different. It is like the perfect milkshake (a hardcore comparison for me). It has action and adventure, an awesome mystery and a perfect dash of romance. And it makes you think about your world in a whole new way. Another blogger said it best (I'll try and find the review): It is worth every star in the sky.

What are you waiting for? It comes out tomorrow!!! :D

*Snoopy happy dances all the way to the bookstore*