Feature Fun Friday - Stephanie Meyer The Host Interview

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We haven't had an interview on here yet, and hey, I figured, why not open the floodgates with someone big? Like, bigger than big? Here now, in the virtual flesh, is Stephanie Meyer talking about her non-vampire, sci-fi story, The Host, which has been out for exactly one year this week, and has been on the NYT Bestseller list for almost as long. O_0

This is my favorite of her stories so far, not only because I am a speculative fiction nerd in the extreme (I'm really just discovering this. I don't know how I didn't pick up on it with all the sci-fi movies I watched as a kid). And it certainly isn't because I have a first edition copy, signed by her, and I got to meet her a year ago ^_^ (no, it really isn't). No, I love this book because I really feel she came into her own in this book. Her characters are real and complex, and I love what she did with the girl characters in particular. I would love to see more of Wanderer and Melanie (Ian rocks my world in that regard). So, kudos to Mrs. Meyer, and here's a salute to (in my opinion) your best work being on the bestseller list for a year. Congratulations! And everyone else, I hope you enjoy the interview, and have the most fantabulous weekend ever!


Unknown said...

*so jealous*

I'm behind the bandwagon--I've just ordered my copy of the Host and am picking it up at the bookstore tomorrow. Argh! I wish I had it now!!!

PJ Hoover said...

I really enjoyed The Host though it was a bit on the (unnecessarily) long side. And i totally agree - it crossed the lines just like the Twilight series!
Thanks for posting this!

I'm thinking I want Dante's Inferno though I don't know what version. I'm thinking if Beth is reading this comment she can make a suggestion!

Heather Zundel said...

Oh, this is just too perfect. I actually did a MASS comparison of the translated versions of Dante's Inferno on my old blog. It was so much fun. Here is the link, so you can decide for yourself. My sister isn't much of a classics reader, but she loved - The Inferno of Dante: A New Verse Translation translated by Michael Mazur. Hope that helps! :)

Heather Zundel said...

And Beth - tell me if you like it! I really did like this one quite a bit. Since you're writing a YA SF, this is right up your alley ;)

Alysa Stewart said...

You must've gone to one of the Host signings. Or both, I guess! I was at the one put on by TKE. Rock on!

Heather Zundel said...

Alysa - Ha! I was TOTALLY there! Hee. We were totally in the same place together. Were you one of the sets of screaming girls? My friend and I had a really fun game of counting exactly HOW many guys were there (8 - and that included staff and one reporter who came to film the insanity of it all). And then we figured out the ratio of boys to girls. It was hilarious.