So much good news!

Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod right now): Messiah by George Frederick Handel.

I have been thoroughly abusing my use of exclamation marks lately. My 10th grade English teacher would be having a coronary if she knew. But really, how can I help it? First, Tu Publishing makes its funding goal and will officially be starting in Janurary, and now my amazingly good friend Beth Revis has just landed herself an agent!

And not just any agent, I tell you. Writers House agent Merrilee Heifetz. Yes, Writers House.

For my readers unfamiliar with the secret covens of the publishing world, Writers House is one of the biggest names in the business. Stephanie Meyer, John Grisham, John Green, Nora Roberts, Stephen King, Laurie Halse Anderson, Christopher Paolini are all represented by Writers House. Oh yeah, and the Captain Underpants guy. It's huge. It's bigger than huge.

And the coolest thing? Beth is being represented by the same agent who represents Neil Gaiman and Robin McKinley! Can you imagine? Big time congratulations Beth! That gives you a hint of the caliber of work she does (which I've read) and it is fantastic.

So if you are not following her over at Writing it Out, I strongly suggest you do. This girl is going places. And I personally can't wait to be along for the ride. Go congratulate her, it's the biggest news an aspiring writer can get. Next up, publishing deal! You go girl! Giant cupcake of joy for you!


Vanessa said...

I think your English teacher would forgive the exclaimation points in this case. That's great news... I'm off to Beth's blog to say Congrats.

Frankie Diane Mallis said...

All fantastic news! I was so excited for Beth! She totally deserves it!

Unknown said...

As an English teacher myself, I *totally* forgive the use of exclamation points in this case!!!!!!


*huge grin*

THANK YOU!!! And thanks for the giant cupcake! *snorfles icing*


Tere Kirkland said...

Congrats to Beth! I'll have to check out her blog.

And I'll have Handel's Messiah in my head for the rest of the week-- we have two performances coming up! Ack!

Charlotte said...

Yay for Beth !

Oh, and for some reason I can't post a comment on your posts when there aren't already a few comments there. There's no comment box. Weird. I'll wait until there are comments on your latest post to ass mine then ! ;)

Charlotte said...


I meant to "add" them, not "ass" them...
Haha !

Heather Zundel said...

NotNessie - I certainly hope so. Grammar Nazi.

Frankie - She really does. She's worker uber hard for this. Couldn't have happened to someone better. :)

Beth - Okay, if you forgive me as a teacher, then I exempt. You snorfle that icing!

Tere - Are you performing it? That's awesome! I love that whole thing.

Charlotte - I almost inhaled Reeses Pieces with your comments, you know that? And that is weird... I don't know what I can do, but I will try and fix it. I like your comments.