The Best Books You Haven't Read

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Now THIS is my kind of meme. I can't tell you how excited I was a little while back to find a post called "the best YA you've never heard of." I went *clicky* immediately. And then I saw another. And another. Suddenly all these unrelated posts were being linked back to a central location. I was in Monday's Muse heaven. All hail Kelly of YAnnabe. *bows in homage*

Since this is what my blog is all about, I have been positively geeking out. There are now 77 people listed for this meme. Wow.

I am so happy about this, I am reproducing all of the links here. But please, go check out Kelly's blog. It is seriously cool.

The Best Books You've Never Read - THE LIST.

New Rockford Public Library
LL Word
Not Enough Bookshelves
Beyond Books
Disorderly Coconuts
A Patchwork of Books
Things Mean A Lot
Erin Explores YA
Debbie's World of Books
Born Reader
A Hoyden's Look at Literature
Sarah's Random Musings
Leafing Through Life
Three Turtles and their Pet Librarian
This Purple Crayon
Ticket to Anywhere
One Librarian's Book Reviews
Dreaming Out Loud
The Brain Lair
Brooklyn Arden
Annie, I Think
OMS Book Blog
Oops... Wrong Cookie
Oops... Wrong Cookie (part 2)
Valentina's Room\
YA Librarian Tales
Reading and Rooibos
Frentetic Reader
The Cazzy Files
Melissa Walker
lucy was robbed
Poisoned Rationality
Book Nut
The Zen Leaf
Out of the Blue
Needle and ThREAD: Stitching for Literacy
Biblio File
Beyond Books
miss shortskirt
Archimedes Forgets
Picks and Pans
Black-Eyed Susan's
Like It or Leave It
Abby the Librarian
Zoe's Book Reviews
Tiny Little Reading Room
Steph Su Reads
arch thinking
There's A Book
Some Reads
Youthe Services Corner
Confessions of a Would-Be Writer
Stella Matutina
Writer Meg!
Mermaid Pants
Birdbrain(ed) Book Blog
Red House Books
Pop Culture Junkie
Fyrefly's Book Blog
Presenting Lenore
reading in bellevue
The Hate-Mongering Tart
Rebecca's Book Blog
Split My Infinitives
Read What You Know


Anonymous said...

I guess I must be pretty geeky too, because I am totally loving this idea! I haven't seen this anywhere yet. Woo-hoo! I love the book question mark picture you found to go with it. :-)

NotNessie said...

Wow.. that's a long list- will take me a while to get through that. I can only imagine what my TBR will look like when this is over...

Heather Zundel said...

Anon - I totally agree. You should check out some of the other lists. They are pretty amazing. And I love the question mark too. That was an awesome happenstance.

NotNessie - Haha. I know what you mean. But it makes you happy, in a daunting sort of way. Ah, the never-ending TBR pile.