Feature Fun Friday - Grace Lin on The Today Show

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The Today Show has a fantastic series called Al's Book Club for Kids where Al Roker picks a book and a panel of kids read the book, bring in the author, and discuss it. It's fantastic. He has made some really fun choices and recently they did Grace Lin's Newberry Honor winning book, Where the Mountain Meets the Moon, an ethnic fairy tale-like story written by a Canadian-Chinese author. We haven't had an author interview on here in a while and this was perfect for this week. It just fell in my lap. She even discusses her heritage and being ashamed of her culture growing up. But this is a really fun interview. The kids ask some great questions and I love that they all sit in bean bags. :) Mmmm... bean bags.... ^_^ Have a fantastic weekend everyone! And try not to get into too much trouble. ;)


Lenore said...

That sounds like a great feature. I really need to read that book.