Interview - Maria V. Snyder week - part 3!

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It's the final day of Maria V. Snyder week! It has been an amazing journey so far and we've discovered a lot of really cool stuff, but it's not over yet. Today find out about deleted scenes, movie options , and see some of her photography! (she's really good).

And of course don't forget to answer the question below for a chance to win a signed copy of Storm Glass, the first in her new series in the Study world!

And no spoilers today. *dances* Read on dear readers!

[Me]: 17. Your connection and dedication to your fans is unparalleled. You talk with them, interact with them and are so open to them, even to answering every email you receive (including mine). :) You say that they are the ones who inspire your writing now. How so? How would you describe your relationship with them?

[MS]: They inspire me by being so enthusiastic about my stories and characters. They talk about them as if they're real and even argue about them. I just love getting reader email – each day it's a boost to my energy and motivation to read through a few emails that share with me their love of reading. As I write, I think about them and want to write the best story possible so I don't disappoint them. Writing is a solitary job and when I'm having trouble, I just need to glance at the many pictures of my readers on my desk.

18. What is your revision process like?

I try to write a first draft without too much editing. Since I'm a pantser, the first draft is very hard and slow going as I discover the story. But when it's written, I have fun with revising. I get comments back from my editor and agent and my critique partner and I make changes (or not) based on their comments. My husband reads through, looking for holes in the plot logic. Rewriting is faster for me and many times I need to go back and fix the beginning to match the ending.

19. Did you have to cut anything out of your stories, editors or otherwise?

I delete scenes all the time. Either because the story went in a different direction or I get feedback that the scene doesn't work or it isn't a logical part of the story. I keep all these scenes in another file. Many times I'll send the scenes to my bi-monthly email newsletter subscribers or post them on my blog. I have one from Sea Glass in the UK Sea Glass widget on my website. (

20. Random question - why a fire and ice festival? Any significance? Other than their relation to the seasons?

No real significance other than the time of the year. Plenty of times, I'll be lazy about names, thinking I would change them later. Sometimes, the name just fits and I'll keep it.

21. You dabble in photography? Can we see some? :)

I do send one picture with my newsletter each issue (captive audience ;). (I'll send you a couple when I get home).

22. Any news on a movie option? :)

I would love for a movie to be made of the Study series. My agent is sending the books around LA, but Hollywood has yet to call us. If you know anyone in the business, please feel free to mention the books ;> I could also see the books as a TV series – with Joss Whedon in charge, of course.

23. Does your newest book, Inside Out, take place in the same universe as your other stories, or is it something completely new?

It's completely new. The world is totally contained – the people are living inside this metal world and they have forgotten what is outside.

24. And a trademark question of mine - do you have a unknown book you love that few know about?

Never Tease a Weasel by, ?? The first book I remember reading with my mom, and the first book I could read on my own (could have been because I had it memorized by that point, but I remember my mother making a big deal out of me reading the words by myself :). For a more current book, Kate Elliott's Jaran – a great science fiction romance.

Thank you so much for coming . I know that was a lot of questions and I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed the interview. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Thank you for having me! If anyone is interested in my books, I would suggest you go to my website. I have the first chapter of all my books online for you to read. I also have a few free short stories you can read and writing advice as well (I have one humorous article about being rejected :). The url is:


Last chance for a signed copy of Storm Glass (not Sea Glass. Sorry, my mix-up) by Maria Snyder! (Followers only. Today is your last chance!). :) Final Question:

What is an unknown book you love, but no one seems to know exists?


NotNessie said...

The Hunter's Haunt by Dave Duncan. At least, I remember loving it when I read it, but that was a little while ago.

Tibidabo said...

Women in Evidence by Sebastien Japrisot

beth said...

I am so behind on the times! I wish I had found this sooner. I LOVE Maria Snyder--her work is truly brilliant.

(And that iced berry picture--WOW.)

*fangirl sigh*

Shannon O'Donnell said...

The Underneath by Kathi Appelt.

I LOVE Lavar Burton, btw. Jordie was always one of my favorites. :-)

Kimberly said...

A Barrel of laughs, a Vale of Tears by Jules Feiffer. :D Great fun!