Not a contest, but something like it.

Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod right now): Along the Perimeter by Preston Reed.

I have something unique and exciting to offer all my readers on my blog. Not quite a contest, not quite a shoutout, but something in between. Like a secret handshake, just for you current readers. ;)

I'm going to a book festival this Saturday. It's big. And there will be authors there. LOTS of authors. And so I'm offering you guys a chance to say what YOU want to get in my next contest. :) I will be buying one book there for my blog. And it will be signed. By the author of your choice. You just have to comment and tell me who. Ye who gives the most (or loudest) shoutouts wins. So actually, you may want to get your friends in on this. Here are some of the big name authors who will be there:

Carol Lynch Williams - author of The Chosen One
Shannon Hale - author of The Goose Girl, Princess Academy, Book of a Thousand Days, and too many others to name.
Jessica Day George - author of Princess of the Midnight Ball, Sun & Moon, Ice and Snow, and Dragon Slippers
Aprilynne Pike - author of Wings
James Dashner - author of the 13th Reality
Mette Ivy Harrison - author of The Princess and the Hound
Nathan Hale - author of Yellowbelly and Plum Go to School

Here is the link for any others I may have missed that you might want. Good luck! You have until Friday night (since the event's on Saturday) :)

[EDIT]: ACK!!! How Could I forget Brandon Mull and Brandon Sanderson!?

Brandon Mull - author of the Fablehaven series
Brandon Sanderson - author of the Mistborn series and he is also " The Chosen One" picked to finish the Wheel of Time series.

How could I be so stupid?! Those aren't small names! *banging head on wall*


Liyana said...

I want a signed copy of Wings. T_T It's so hard to get any signed copies of books in SIngapore. LOL.

Katie said...

Either Aprilynne Pike or Mette Ivy Harrison. =]

PJ Hoover said...

Whoa! I was going to say Brandon Mull, but then I saw Brandon Sanderson and man did I devour those Wheel of Time books! So I'm going with The Chosen One.

And since I won last time, here's what I thought. I would love for you to pick out a version of Dante's Inferno for me. I think that will make it so much more special! Do you mind? And THANK YOU!!!!!

Alysa Stewart said...

They're all great authors! This is the part where I'm sad we're not in UT anymore. I'm trying to convince my siblings who are still there to go to this, hehe.

re:what you said on my blog -- Elantris and ALcatraz #1 are the only 2 of his we don't already own (we're quick, I know,) and hopefully someday we'll meet him ourselves and get those signed. But if you wanted to get either of those two, that'd totally rock. Let me know your plans!