I think I'm dying *cough*

Current Theme Song (aka what's currently playing on my ipod): Junigenmukyoku (full version) by Hari Kunihiko (Twelve Kingdoms soundtrack).

Sorry for the lack of posts. My uber-determination to stay healthy in Thailand seems to have caught up with me. And I seem to be on perma-jet lag, which isn't helping matters. I've come down with something really bad, and so I've ordered myself to bed rest until I'm better. This is the first time I've been up today, and I'm going back to bed as soon as I finish this. So wish me luck, and I'll be back soon. I promise. But the good news is - I totally kicked my Google Reader's butt. Boo-ya. Who read all 791 blog posts? Oh yeah baby. Methinks a snoopy happy dance is in order.

Pictures, stories, reviews and interviews are coming! :) Now kindly excuse me while I pass out with a jug of orange juice.


Kate said...

Congrats on reading all the posts.
I had 5 hundred and something and jus skimmed through them and commented on some. I need to go out today and don't want to fall behind!

Heather Zundel said...

Yeah. I subscribe to way too many blogs. But they are all so cool, I can't bring myself to not read them. I know exactly how you feel about falling behind.