In the name of charity

Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod right now): Ghosts Under Rocks by Ra Ra Riot.

Since we've been talking charity these past few days, I wanted to point you to some awesome charities much closer to home. And they are going on right now too. I love it when people help other people.

First is being done over at Rebecca Allen: A Nerd at Peace (which may take the cake for the coolest name for a blog this week in my book). They are doing a YA Charity Read-a-thon this weekend for the Fourth Annual 48 Hour Book Challenge. They will be devouring as many YA books as they can in a 48-hour period, and you can sponsor them for how many books they read. It's an incredible undertaking. All of their proceeds they earn are going to Room to Read. You can read the full details of their adventure on their blog.

The second is from Shooting Stars Mag. For a birthday present, she wished for several simple things, one of them to look at her own amazon sampler compilation. All of the artists generously donated a song to the album (which is running under $10). All of the proceeds go to the PKD Foundation, a disease her mom has and is thus very close to her heart.

Just some ways to help out and spread the love to have warm fuzzy feelings yourself. Lots of entries to come tomorrow.


Shooting Stars Mag said...

Thank you so much for posting about the compilation. I really do appreciate it. :)


Sadako said...

Sweet! These both sound so awesome and very charitable.