I HEART New York!

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The Archived Adventures!

Publishing capital of the US, the Statue of Liberty, and the most famous hot dog carts (that I know of), who can't help but love the city that never sleeps? This was my first time there ever, and you can tell I'm a little stoked about it. I was there for a day and a half and had four people's itineraries to fill. It was intense. It was crazy. It was amazing. We could only see our top two sites (luckily with everyone's, we got to see pretty much everything). Mine? The Statue of Liberty and the New York Public Library.

Waiting for the bus (and totally not ready for a candid shot)

Steam really does rise from the manhole covers!

Isn't that one of the most beautiful sites in the world?

My friend wouldn't get the camera off me, so here's me strutting my stuff, and getting really embarrassed about it.

The Carousel in Central Park!

Hot dog in Central Park. Dirty water hot dogs all the way. It was fantastic. It's the only way to buy a hot dog in New York.

Trinity Church.

Federal Hall. The history buff in me came out. This is where President Washington took his oath as the first President of the United States.

What is New York without its amazing street performers?

Just love this.

Make sure you see a Broadway show. I was skeptical. Not anymore. This one just barely opened. It was fabulous.

Oh, I love Japanese tourists, I really do. They all wanted a picture next to the New York street mountie, but they were all so afraid of the horse.

Here is my love and homage right back at the Japanese culture. ^_^

And my place I couldn't leave New York without seeing - the New York Public Library. I had to see those lions. I don't know which one is Patience, and which is Fortitude, but I think I was next to Fortitude.

Thank you for my small indulgence in sharing my adventure with you. And we totally watched Enchanted while getting ready for bed at who knows what hour. Times Square was amazing too. The bus ride there and back? Definitely an adventure in itself. :)


Tales of Whimsy said...

I LOVE Patience and Fortitude! Great pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Sara {Rhapsody and Chaos} said...

Looks like a fun trip :-)

Kirthi said...

I always love your posts! They're hilarious and sweet and cute! These pictures were great, I like the "Gentlemen" one :) I felt embarassed for you on the dance pictures!

Now I really wanna visit New York :D

Unknown said...

Hi Heather :)
It looks like you had a great time in New York City. Thank you for sharing and the excellent pictures. I especially liked the last one.
Happy Holidays

Unknown said...

I love those last two pictures!

Yanno, I've been to NY a couple of times, but never got a pic near the lions. I'm so doing that next time.

Vivian Mahoney said...

Love the Gentle MEN photo.

And the photos of you twirling around really make me smile. They really capture your happiness and joy of life.

Marjorie said...

I visited the US for the first time in November - I was in San Francisco - and I took photos of steam coming out of the man-hole covers too :-)

Heather Zundel said...

A lot of people seem to like my twirling photo. I may have to do a separate post on it.

Juju - You KNOW who Patience and Fortitude are? You know their names? That's awesome! Do you live in New York Juju?

Sara - It was blast - run purely on adrenaline. No joke. I think I ate a hot dog and two slices of pizza the entire time.

Kirthi - you are so sweet, thank you. New York is a fantastic city. I highly recommend it. (When I saw the GentleMEN sign, I busted up laughing out loud in the middle of Central Park. It was so perfect. It's one of my favorite photos). Ah New York.

RkCharron - so good to see a new face! Thank you, and Happy Holidays to you as well!

Beth - I love those photos too. Like I said, I'm going to have to do a separate post for it. There is a small story behind it.

Vivian - that is one of the sweetest things you could say to me. I am so glad I come off like that. I really try to find joy all around me in everything (and joy is the exact word I use. Thank you for pegging it!).

Marjorie - Rock on to the manhole cover pictures! Can you send me a copy? :)