Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod right now): Claustrophobe by Katie Todd.

We made a new friend today. He was hanging out in my living room, in the white curtains. He was a lively fellow, particularly when I tried to introduce myself. Of course, we didn't on so well once I tried to put a glass cup over him. Can't really blame him for that though. But it was for his and my own good. It wasn't him, it was me. It just wouldn't have worked out between us.

So my twin and I spent a very interesting (and rather tense) ten minutes trying to figuring out how to get a very mad hornet out of the glass and into freedom so that the second he was out he wouldn't try and seek revenge on us and all our descendants. Our brilliant plan was for one of us to stand in the middle of the front yard and fling it toward the street (and away from us), while they would then bolt in the opposite direction toward the house. One of us would remain inside to slam to door closed as soon as the other was clear. Guess who was the lucky one to fling our friend? Yeah, love you too twin.

But it went off surprisingly well. He was so happy to be free of his glass prison, he didn't look back even once. This was reported from my twin, of course. I wasn't looking anywhere but toward that door. So yay for new friends and new adventures. :)