Secrets revealed! My new car's name.

Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod right now): The Melody Within by Kurt Bestor [Rigoletto Soundtrack]. - This is an awesome little-known movie. If you can find it, I would definitely suggest giving it a try. It is simple, but amazingly sweet. Here is the song on YouTube (ignore the Phantom of the Opera editing. It's the music you want) :)


I finally figured out the name of my new car and supercool vehicle of awesomeness, with whom I share many of my adventures (eat your heart out Batman. Your batmobile can't touch this. Well, except for rocket launchers. And being able to explode into a really cool motorcycle. And then there is that whole jumping across buildings thing. But except for that).

Now, I'm sure you're wondering why I couldn't name him something nice and normal, like I don't know, Bob. Well, my last loaned-to-me-by-my-parents car was named Squishy, so it can't be that much worse than that, can it? (Yes, from Finding Nemo. You know those jelly fish? Yep. Because he was my Squishy, and I loved him and he was mine and he was my Squishy and I was sixteen). :) But the other part is that I've been steeped in Asian cultures right now (see here for mention of my top secret new writing project), so my brain is naturally geared toward Asian names. This one happens to be Japanese.

We'll take it apart by halves ;)

陽 "sun, sunlight", 春 "spring" or 晴 "clear up", 遥 "far off, distant"

智 "wisdom, intellect" or 朋 "friend"

I chose the last two on both of them, though I love all of the variations. It's supposed to be for "a far traveling friend" - you know, for a car. I want my car to be my friend. Friends don't break down on you in the middle of nowhere with no cell phone reception. There is a Japanese word for traveler. It's tabibito. But I thought Harutabibitotomo was a bit much. ;) See? I'm not as crazy as you think I am. Harutomo doesn't look nearly so bad now, does it? So, fully armed, fully equipped and fully named, we are going to rock it out like superhero hooligans should!


Steph Su said...

hehe, that's cute! Now you have to think of nicknames for it. I'm thinking.. Haru for short?