A wildfire of a book - Catching Fire

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Eee hee. This is just way too fun to not do this. Though desperately trying to keep it in check, you may be able to tell that I like Suzanne Collins/The Hunger Games/Catching Fire just a *tiny* bit. So when I saw the Catching Fire contest for the first time, I was stoked. But by the fifth one, I was laughing.

After seven or so that are already in my blog reader, I decided to see just how many I could find. I do not even know if I get extra "points" for linking (some I know I don't), but I wanted to do this, for pure entertainment value. It looks like I don't need to help promote this small, unknown, out-of-the-way book at all. *rolls eyes* It is catching fire all on its own. :)

The Story Siren

Green Bean Teen Queen

Presenting Lenore

Pop Culture Junkie

Reading Adventures

Booking Mama

The Book Smugglers

Frenetic Reader

Karin's Book Nook

Revolution Science Fiction


Library Lounge Lizard

Anna's Book Blog

Luxery Reading

5 Minutes For Books

YA Book Central

Alert Nerd


Not Enough Books

Book Binge

The Discriminating Fangirl

Book Love Affair

Books For Sale

And of course, none other than the official Scholastic Blog (though I think this one is closed. And it was for a signed book too! *sob*)

Happy Hunting Everyone.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the links.I had to find the ones that were also for Canadians.

kayoko said...

This is amazing and hilarious at the same time! Thanks for the link!

I was also digging for those places that took Canadian addresses. Perhaps I need an American friend!

Heather Zundel said...

elaing8 - You are most welcome. It really was just for fun though. I hope you found some that had international rules.

kayoko - Hahaha! I'm so glad you liked it.