WriterGirl escapes a warzone.

Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod right now): Orzchis by Jocelyn Montgomery

*Gasp* I've only just escaped just now. No, go on without me. I'll hold them off, just go. Save yourselves. I'll stop them, even if I can't make it out. Those paper and stuffed animals will never defeat me!

Yes. Stuffed animals. And paper. You heard right. Don't look at me like that.

I've just escaped a war zone. A terrible frightening place called my sister's room. Talk about an adventure. I'm staying with my mom for a while. But with it comes certain responsibilities. These apparently include going into an active war zone. My mother told my sister that she had to have her room thoroughly clean by yesterday or she would clean it (or should I say, she and I). And when she says "clean," she means gut.

So in I went, laptop charged with rockin' music and chocolate to tide me over, we dove in (that is almost a literal statement, by the way). There was so much stuff we could barely walk. I really wish I had taken pictures. Three garbage bags full of stuffed animals, three more for just paper (filled to the brim, mind you), and boxes and boxes and bags filled for the local thrift store. I did not think it was possible for a room to hold that much junk. I've been in there for almost seven hours, and we still haven't touched her drawers, under her bed, or her closet. I emptied a backpack that hadn't been opened in years (she had some cool flash cards in it on the roots of words. I snagged those before they made the garbage pile). :)

But the worst? ... I can't even say it. Alright - the food.

That? That's not a rock. That's a potato. Kinda cool, but very squishy.

And this? I honestly can't tell you what this is. As you can see, it was once food. It is now a liquid of some kind. We found it in a buried corner of the room in a lunch sack. I can't even guess how long it's been there (nor do I want to. I touched it). My mom almost threw up and had to go out of the room. Any takers on what the mystery liquid is? (This is called a chemical reaction children. See? We're learning all the time). :D

But it is looking so much better now. I even managed to vacuum before she got home. She's going through the rest, deciding what she can keep. Hopefully, a lesson well learned. I'm pooped.

This is the stuff superheroes are made for. (And by the way, every mom is a superhero. They just never say it). :)


Vanessa said...

Eep! That's terrifying. I'm going to guess the plastic baggie's contents were probably plant-based, but that's the best I can do.

I once had to clean out my brother's room with my mom (similar situation), and we found some really strange stuff...

PJ Hoover said...

OMG the potato is priceless. You should frame that pic for her and decorate her room with it :)

Unknown said...


Heather Zundel said...

NotNessie - Terrifying is a pretty close word for it. I think part of that bag was broccoli once... I think. *shudder*

PJ - I really should. It's way tempting. Right by her mirror so she can look at it every morning.

Beth - Yes Beth, sadly, that IS a potato. Or was.