Feature Fun Friday - John Green/Scott Westerfeld Scare-A-Thon

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Last year, several big name authors were challenged to a SCARE-A-THON by Lauren Myracle wherein they were supposed to face their deepest fears. Noble of her, right? It's good to face your fears, but oh, they were also to post living proof for all of creation to see. No biggie. You know, authors have some really deep (and sometimes unusual) fears (fear of eggs anyone?*). John Green's? Heights. And it isn't a mild case either. It took $5,000 for charity (offered tortuously lovingly by Scott Westerfeld and Justine Larbalestier) and two separate tries to get him to stand on a table. But Scott didn't escape unscathed either. He was also challenged by the lovely Lauren Myracle. So today is another double feature here on Feature Fun Friday! Enjoy and perhaps think about what you might have to do to face your biggest fears. Would you follow our brave author's leads? Have a great weekend everyone.

*ovaphobia is the fear of eggs.


Charlotte (The Book on the Hill) said...

This SCARE-A-THON was a great idea !Is there a place where we can see the other authors' videos ? I visited the link you gave but didn't find them (maybe I'm blind, and if that's the case sorry for asking).

My biggest fear/peeve involves eyes. Touching eyes, an eyelash caught in them, putting lenses (and oh my how I wish I could overcome this, I'm bored with wearing glasses !). This started at school when we had to dissect a pig's eye (is that even allowed now ?!). Then it became worse when I saw "Un Chien Andalou", a movie by Luis Bunuel, where there's a scene in which... oh I can't even describe it ! Anyway, I recently had to face that fear when a thread stuck itself behind my eyelid. I had to fetch it right ? That was a tough moment.

Kate said...

This sounds terrifying for the authors!

Steph Su said...

Oh my god. LOLOLOLOL. That's hilarious, though it must've been terrifying. Crazy to know the invincible John Green found standing on a table almost impossible to do. Great videos.

Charlotte (The Book on the Hill) said...

Hi again Heather ! A little bird told me that an award awaited you here : http://thebookonthehill.blogspot.com/2009/10/my-first-award-superior-scribbler-award.html


Heather Zundel said...

Charlotte - Hee. Yes, I am being mean to you. There is a link that I'm saving that has all the videos/blog links of the authors who participated. But I've got another one line up for Halloween, so you'll have to wait until then. :)

Kate - I know! I've been thinking of doing a video of myself, but I've never done a video of me and that scares me enough. What scares you?

Steph Su - Thanks! I feel so bad for him, but at the same time, that video makes me love him a thousand times more.

Charlotte (again) ;): Oh my gosh! Really? Thank you so much! (and I'm still trying to figure out what my biggest fear is. Thanks for sharing yours!)