National Poetry Day - the other side of the pond.

Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod right now): Heaven by Haley Westenra.

Hey I just found out that it is National Poetry Day in Britain and I love our friends across the pond just as much as the next girl so I'm all for celebrating with them. The theme for this year is Heroes and Heroines. I love it. If I had had more warning, I probably would have written a poem for the occasion. I may still yet (anyone else want to join me?). Since I have already featured Mr. Gaiman for last week's Feature Fun Friday, I think it appropriate to close the week with him as well. He is British after all (wait, please tell me he is *frantically pulls up wikipedia*... oh good, he is).

It's a poem about what to do in a fairy tale, another reason I just had to include it. It's called "Instructions."

Wow. Lots of posts for one day. It's been quite exciting, that's for sure. See you tomorrow everyone.


Shannon Messenger said...

I will join you so long as it doesn't have to be a good poem (poet I am not). How about a limerick? Limericks are awesome! Pick a subject and I will be happy to provide a cringe worthy limerick.

Kate said...

I will join you and do a poem as well :)

Heather Zundel said...

Shannon Messenger - Yes! I would love that. If you do, I will link to your blog.

Kate - I've read yours and it's great! Can I link to yours as well?

Shannon Messenger said...

Okay Heather. I wrote and posted a cringe-worthy Limerick as promised (and it links to your blog and everything!) Sorry it took couple days to make something so...awful.

Heather Zundel said...

Shannon - You are now linked and mine is up as well. :) I've also put a plug in for your blog. You cannot guess how much I'm hoping you pick Blackbringer. That is a very cool contest.