Well THAT was an adventure.

Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod right now): Sure Thing Falling by Yellowcard.

Goodness knows I haven't posted about my secret capers in a little while but there was no reason to go to such extreme measures to thrust me in the action-filled chaos of my blog template being eaten by photobucket munchies. Japanese kami, tengu, I blame this all on you.

Fantastic news is I found another site whose template was still working! So my old template is back. I've never wanted to hug virtual pixels so much in my entire life. (And all my followers came back when I reloaded the widget. So happy about that). But this lead to an serious question. Should I change my template to something more *ahem* stable/attractive/interesting/[insert your favorite new adjective here]? Because though I love this template to pieces, there are a few tweaky things wrong with it.

Because I found a few possibilities after more hours than I am willing to admit to while hunting around the web. Here they are, if you so desire to take a hand in recrafting my blog. Their all links to working demos (that's huge by the way. I almost uploaded the exact same ruined template because I almost forgot to check the demo. The demo shows if the template is live or not). I've left it all anonymous, so you can rip me to shreds and I'll never know who you are. :) I also included my current template in the poll so you can vote for that if you want nothing to change.

Water Color This one has a lot of pretty interesting colors I like, and the style is different. The problems are that it is a 2-columned blog (and I am partial to 3-columns) and that is doesn't have a Recent Comments section, which I have grown fond of.

Design Blog Look, it's so happy. ^_^ And it even has a pencil in it for WriterGirl and gives a feeling of imagination which I like. The spaces between text and graphics are really good. It's quite different, but a little simple. And again, no Recent Comments. :(

Girls' Fantasy-land If those girls all dressed up don't convey me in my various adventures, I don't know what does. It's sweet, it's whimsical, and there is even a notebook border that is also very writer-y. It has Recent Comments too! Not exactly in my favorite place, but it has them! Even better, it has buttons where you can do all sorts of cool features to share the amazing and fabulous posts I write. :) That last part is a bit over the top? Yeah, I thought so too. Bad parts? It's a 2-columned blog and some might take it as too "cutesy."

Notebook Very stylized and swirly designs, but the color palette is lacking, I think. It's quite pretty but a bit vague on the subject matter. It has the torn notebook paper border and again, no Recent Comments.

Craftwork This one is the most similar to my current template, but I still don't quite know what's up with the cute nerdy little boy. :) 2-columned and the border spacing leaves something to be desired. The overlapping of text is not pleasing to look at.

Color-o-Ring This one has a clean, pleasing design. I like the various colors (which help for adding any photos so that don't clash with your blog) and the circles are happy, which I also am. :) The crinkled paper and sticky note give hints to it being a writer-y type blog. 2-columned which is sad, but again, it is very clean so it bugs me less than usual. Oh, and no Recent Comments (I wonder if that is hard to program?)

Art Template And last but not least - my current template! I really do love this one. It's so different (like I am), quirky (like me), spontaneous and fun and random (I see a pattern developing here...). However, there are things I do not like. You'll notice the "Home" "About" and "FAQ" tabs at the top? I'm sure you've tried to click them. I have no idea how to get them to work. I'm not a very good programmer. Also, my profile paragraph is uber skinny and extends to forever long. The other things are nit-picks, but these are the big ones.

So please help me decide whether to keep or change my template, and if so, which one. Thanks so much guys. And a BIG thank you to all of you who emailed me and told me of the problem. I am so grateful to you guys. Oh, and I checked, there weren't any apparent fang marks, so we'll assume this was indeed not the work of vampires. :)


Shannon Messenger said...

Hmmm...that's a tough choice. I'm going to have to think about it before I decide. But you've inspired me to look into finding a new template for my blog. Who knew there were so many to choose from?

Heather Zundel said...

I love your new template.