Feature Fun Friday - Where The Wild Things Are

Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod right now): Riu Riu by Anuna.

It's time to let the wild rumpus start! If you haven't been living inside of a toaster, you know that today Where the Wild Things Are comes out. And how could I not give a loving shout out to one of the most famous picture books of all time? And plus, it's just so Halloween-y.

I'm loving this theme of double features. I usually don't find so many good movies that go so well together. Consider it a Halloween treat. The first is a picture reading of the book, complete with cool audio mixing along with music from A Series of Unfortunate Events, what could be better? The second is of course, a trailer for the movie. You can see for yourself if they captured it right. Now shoo, there's a movie to go catch. Have a great weekend everyone. :)